Kayak Slider 410

Ref: KY410

First Kayak of the market made with SELYTECH technology and DROPSTICH material, thus enhancing great virtues with respect to traditional inflatable kayaks, this is because it has up to 4 times more pressure so we can make it much easier and faster to row with Only 15.9 kg.

Apart from its high rigidity thanks to its manufacturing technology, it has injection breakers in the bow and stern of the same, which guarantees a comfortable navigation in adverse conditions.

This kayak is unique and is also ideal for 1 or 2 people, as it also offers us the possibility of using it in SUP, since it has a built-in box with keel.

Measures: 410x85cm (13.5 “x33.5”)

8 psi

1 central fin

Weight: 15.5 kg / 34lbs

Measures packaging: 85x40x30cm

Capacity: 2 adults (Max.210 kg / 463lbs)

The pack includes:

1 kayak
1 carry bag
2 seats of great comfort
2 footrests
2 paddles
1 fan