Kayak Airrow Eco 17 2017

Kayak KY100 inflatable, with an innovative, modern and hybrid design. This kayal is designed for one person, is easy to carry and … ready to enjoy good crossings.

It’s a hybrid kayak, what does hybrid mean? It is a kayak that allows to use it of kayak as well as SUP when carrying incorporated the box with a keel.

This innovative design is very fast and light, thanks also to its manufacturing technology, it has an injection breakwater in both the bow and the stern so that it can be guided much more easily, a more comfortable navigation and a better slide Under adverse conditions.

The Airrow Eco 17 kayak is made of high quality materials and high resistance, 100% Dropstich (the gala is 0.70mm). It has 3 independent air chambers and high pressure valves. In addition, it comes with 6 rings for placement of the comfortable seat and footrest.

The maximum pressure for the floor is 15 PSI and for the sides of 4 PSI.


Swollen kayak: 519×69 (17 ‘x 21 “)

Deflated kayak: 70 x 40 x 25 cm

Maximum load: 155 kg


1 Seat
Pump inflated (HDS 20 psi)
Preparation kit together with instruction manual
Carrying bag
Footstool Foam