Neoprene Suits

DVSPORT introduces as novelty a smart and practical collection of neoprene suits to practice water sports.

The collection includes several sizes for women, men and kids.

Men sizes

Neoprene large 3mm: M (DVS3224) -L (DVS3231) -XL (DVS3248)

Neoprene large 4/3mm: M (DVS3255)-L (DVS3262)-XL (DVS3279)

Neoprene short 3mm: M (DVS3484)-L (DVS3491)-XL (DVS3507)

Women sizes

Neoprene large 3mm: S (DVS3224) -M (DVS3231) -L (DVS3248)

Neoprene large 4/3mm: S (DVS3255) -M (DVS3262)-L (DVS3279)

Neoprene short 3mm: S (DVS3484)-M (DVS3491) -L (DVS3507)

Kids sizes

Neoprene short 3mm: 4/6 (DVS3439) and 8/10 (DVS3446)