Ref: WH67086

Storm is the largest DVSPORT collection item. The length is almost 7 meters. This board has been created to be enjoyed with a group of people (max. 4 people). It is perfect for surfing schools and multi activities.


670 x 86 x 20 cm
22´ x 34″ x 8″ inch
Std: 1
Máx. Weight: 450 Kg
Product Weight: 30 Kg
Volumen: 900 L

Two PVC layers on each side of the table. Maximum pressure 15 psi. EVA antislip layer. Rings for security cordon. System 3 big fins.

Pack: 1 Storm iSUP, 2 hand pump with manometer, 4 three parts paddle adjustable (telescopic)

, 1 transportation bag and 2 repair kit